About Me

Hi there. I’m Rob G. I’ve lived in many places, had different jobs, and experienced a lot of things. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, good times and bad. I will, on occasion, gravitate towards the negative. When I conceptualized the possible content for this site, it was to negate the negative. I would rather focus on the positive aspects of my experiences. If I am eating something or going somewhere, I want to focus on the positive aspects of those experiences. I would rather lift up than bring down.

The blogs that I write when talking about things around town or close to home will be focused on the positive. The other blogs might have fewer restrictions, but will be written in a way to keep out any mean-spiritedness.

When I’m not tweaking or updating this site, or writing a blog, I exist in the Digital Marketing world. It’s not what I started out doing, and probably isn’t what I’ll be doing when my work years wind down. But it’s a fun ride. There is always something new on the horizon, so there’s always a chance to learn.

I hope to have the opportunity to expand my traveling area. I would enjoy experiencing new things that are local to me or local to someone else.

Feel free to fill out the form below to contact me if you would like to share your recommendations, share your feedback, or would like to know more.

Stay Positive!


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