Annapolis Morning Fun Part II

A short distance away from the Annapolis Town Centre is the Annapolis Harbour Centre. I’ve been here quite a few times and will continue to go.

I started off by visiting The Fresh Market. I didn’t buy anything there today, but there is always next time. They have some nice baked goods and some nice specialty items. I always have fun when I have the opportunity to walk through a grocery store.

After that short visit, I decided to walk over to Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer’s Market. This is an Amish Market that is only open with limited hours Thursdays through Saturdays. This is an experience that I truly enjoy and would recommend for people who enjoy something out of the norm.

They have a nice selection of herbs and spices, baking products, candies, deli style foods, chocolates, bakery items, meats, fruits and vegetables, and more. On more than one occasion, I’ve gone there just to watch them work. There is an area where you can watch them making pretzels or pretzel rolls, and it is really fun to see how smooth the operation is. They have tasks and are really good at it. There is another station by the bakery where you can see them making all sorts of goodies. On a number of occasions, I’ve stood and watched as they’ve made cinnamon rolls. This isn’t a standard square dough that gets filled and rolled and cut. This is a 20 foot long roll of dough that gets worked on and built into cinnamon rolls (or caramel pecan).

The last time I visited, they were making something called Peanut Butter Temptations, but they were only in the process of making them and there weren’t any on display. Fortunately, they had some today. They also had some mint chocolate brownies, which I’ve had in the past. So those two things were purchased. The Peanut Butter Temptations are sort of like mini oat bites with a chocolate peanut butter cup in the center. Absolutely delicious. The flavor of the mint frosting goes perfectly with the brownies and those are always top notch. I also decided to buy myself a glazed apple cider donut. Again, it is that time of season. The donut was really good. It was very moist and the flavor was not overbearing, but the spices went really well with the donut. The glaze added another layer of sweetness which accompanied the apple cider and spice flavor very well.

Overall, this was a very productive day. And with only a few hours taken out of my morning, it still gives me plenty of time to sit back and reflect on the nice moments that I had to begin my day.


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