Driving in a Generally Northern Direction

I took a drive up on September 5, 2019. I drove up the 95, over the Delaware Memorial Bridge and on the New Jersey Turnpike and beyond. I had created a new playlist for my car, so it kept me entertained for the 5+ hours. When I take these drives, I enjoy taking in the scenery. Right now, there is a lot of green with little bits of yellow coming through on some of the trees on the New Jersey Turnpike. I look forward to another month or so when the leaves are in the middle of changing colors and I’ll be able to see some green, yellow, orange, red, etc. on the way.

I stopped at China Palace in Glen Cove, NY to pick up some lunch. I ordered two sides – Wontons in Spicy Sesame Peanut Butter Sauce (without the sauce) and Hot Noodles in Sesame Peanut Butter Sauce (with the sauce). I really enjoy the noodles and have gotten them both hot and cold. I prefer them cold, but getting them hot makes it easier to incorporate the sauce. The wontons are really good. One of my sisters and I went there one day and saw them making the wontons fresh, and we’ve gotten them every time since. It made for a nice meal with the family.

I took a scenic route home after picking up the food and got to see some horses and some swans, so it made for a very productive drive.


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