Twistedoughs – Falling Waters, WV

Prior to my visit back to Pittsburgh, I had plotted out my return trip. I decided that I wanted to go a little off the normal path and looked for places to eat in West Virginia. My goal was to find a place that was on the way home, so my focus was on the Maryland and West Virginia border. While doing this, there was one place that stood out: Twistedoughs. Now, I am quite sure that there are many places to eat in West Virginia, and I would enjoy getting some recommendations sent my way.

The drive back was pretty nice. It was in the upper 50s and lower 60s most of the way. When I got into West Virginia, it was a nice, scenic route. I drove through farmland, suburban areas, and small towns. I saw some really nice houses and townhouses, as well as some that weren’t in the best shape. Most of my driving was on one lane or roads where the shoulder was for emergency stopping only, so I wasn’t able to get any pictures. Maybe I’ll find some scenic areas next time I’m in the area.

When I was driving down the road where Twistedoughs is located, I missed my stop. I was expecting a restaurant, but didn’t see one. I was able to turn around after driving another 1/2 mile or so (no areas to turn around), but when I made my way back, I saw the trailer.

If you are ever in the area and looking for Twistedoughs, it is next to the parking lot for The Market House, which is a shopping collective that’s open Friday through Sunday. So if you are going to Twistedoughs on one of those days, you should stop in at The Market House and have some fun while shopping and eating.

I left Pittsburgh early, so I didn’t really have anything to eat for breakfast. I was saving up for some biscuits and gravy. I was planning on ordering either the cinnamon rolls or the biscuits and gravy. When I got there, I decided it was a biscuits and gravy day. The order was huge. Big enough to share, but I managed to eat it all on my own.

The biscuits were really good. They were nice and flaky, very rich, and flavorful. The sausage gravy had some nice chunks of sausage and had perfect consistency. This was a really good batch of biscuits and gravy. I would even order the biscuits on their own, because they were really good.

I also bought a pretzel. They smelled good and I figured I could save it for later. When holding the bag, I could tell that they were nice and warm, so I did have a little bit after my meal, but I saved the rest for later. The pretzel was huge. And the flavor was outstanding. This is a pretzel that I would go back for, even if it takes more than an hour to get there and more than an hour back.

I consider myself lucky to be able to drive around to these places that aren’t always close to home. I wasn’t always as adventurous with food as I am now, so I have a great appreciation for the different flavors that I experience. Having a goal of going somewhere is one thing, but when the food turns out to be even better than expected, it just makes it easy to stay positive and keep a smile on my face!


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